Whether you’re looking for landscaping improvement, patio stone sealing, interlocking pavers’ restoration, staining decks that restore quality, or power washing solvents in Toronto, we have the best products and services to offer.

HP2 Polymeric Jointing Sand is a mixture of grated sand and binder for a fast and effective installation of pavers, slabs, and natural stones. When applied dry, the HP2 Polymeric sand hardens when compacted and activated with water. It softens again with dampness so that it will never crack as it follows ground movement. This polymeric material works perfectly on humid places and areas with heavy traffic. The HP2 Polymeric Sand is also ideal for wide joints of up to 4 inches wide. HP2 stays in place, it resists erosion and that’s why it doesn’t become messy unlike ordinary sand or soil. It inhibits weed growth and prevents ants from lurking within the premises. HP2 adheres strongly to the walls of your inner pavers or slabs without ever contracting. Since HP2 resists unexpected rain less than ninety minutes after it has been installed, the HP2 Polymeric Sand allows you to complete more jobs in a day. Techniseal’s HP2 is a superior product that offers long lasting stabilization of pavers, slabs, or natural stones in your house. Whether you use HP2 on new or used installation, the results are always fantastic. Techniseal’s HP2 Polymeric Sand is the best interlocking and restoration sand in the market today.

Nu Look is a protectant and sealant of concrete pavers. It protects pavers from fading, and restores old pavers’ natural beauty. Pavers are aesthetically pleasing and taking good care of them to prevent them from looking washed up and faded can be difficult because pavers are exposed to the sun and all types of weather condition. Wear, daily weathering, and traffic often cause pavers to lack luster, become discolored, and lifeless. Techniseal’s Nu Look is a revolutionary tinted sealant that brings back the original shade of your pavers, or brings them back to life with a new color that suits your taste. It seals, restores, revives, and protects your pavers at a fraction of a price. Nu Look is a revolutionary tinted sealant made of acrylic urethane and nano crystal pigments. Like Techniseal’s other products, Nu Look offers optimum protection against weathering and staining, making cleaning a lot easier. Nu Look is available in four popular colors – Honey, Brick Red, Cognac, and Charcoal. Nu Look leaves a rich, semi-gloss finish to your concrete pavers and slabs. It’s semi-transparent; therefore you can mix the colors to create a look that’s perfect for your pavers. Moreover, Nu Look is a water based product that doesn’t give off any unpleasant odors, and you can count on Nu Look to have low volatile organic compounds which means it’s an earth-friendly product. Protect and beautify your pavers with Techniseal’s Nu Look paver protector.

Techniseal Maintenance-Free Protector protects wood in the outdoor areas of your home. Wood is a noble material that brings warmth and richness to the outdoor living areas of you home. However, wood furniture and decks are exposed to rain, UV rays, dirt, and other environmental elements that affect the look and quality of your wooden materials outdoors. Prevent discoloration and deterioration of your wood with Techniseal’s Maintenance-Free Protector. This protector enhances the look of your wood deck, balcony, exterior furniture, or fence. The maintenance-free protector is available in 9 transparent shades, and is built with UV protecting agents. Nano crystal pigmentation ensures stable and long-lasting colors. Techniseal’s Maintenance-Free Protector is microporous, which protects wood against decomposition, without encapsulating wood that often results to flaking or cracking. It also does not contain strong or flammable solvents unlike typical varnish or other wood protectors available in the market.

Techniseal Paver Protector – Pavers provide an excellent foundation in your around-the-house layout. They are a safe investment because they add value to your property. However, like any exterior surface, pavers are exposed to UV rays, weathering, salt, and dirt that can accelerate their deterioration and discoloration. Techniseal’s protectors offer long lasting durability against harmful effects of today’s tough climate, as well as penetration of oil and other contaminants. Our protectors are microporous which means you can rest assured that your pavers will not flake or turn yellow. This protector also offers protection against discoloration and fading due to constant exposure to UV rays. However, to achieve optimal results, we strongly advise that before applying protector to your pavers, it’s best to prepare the surface first. Techniseal is complete with all types of cleaners and solvents that are specifically made for interlocking pavers. The protector can easily be applied with a foam roller or sprayer. Techniseal’s protector is great for restoring old pavers made of concrete or natural stone. Available in wet look or natural look, matte, semi-gloss, and gloss finish, Techniseal’s protector is the choice of paver professionals in Toronto.