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Perma Seal GTA Landscaping provides the best landscaping services to customers in Toronto at a very competitive price. Our services and products will assure you to have the very best workmanship that will stand the test of time.


Whether you’re looking for landscaping improvement, patio stone sealing, interlocking pavers’ restoration, staining decks that restore quality, or power washing solvents in Toronto, we have the best products and services to offer.


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BACKYARD CUSTOM KITCHENS is a full service installation contractor for both residential and commercial outdoor kitchen applications. We provide installation and set up services for your home or business. In association with Perma Seal GTA serving most of Southern Ontario Regions.

Welcome to Perma Seal GTA: the Sealant Specialists in Toronto

With our product innovations, landscaping is easier and more beautiful because you can easily restore and maintain the beauty of your exterior furnishings and pavements quickly, at a fraction of a cost. With Perma Seal GTA, you can now enhance the beauty of your commercial building or residential property through properly cleaning, restoration, protection, and repair of wood, natural stone, slabs, or concrete outdoor surfaces that are exposed to UV rays, weathering, salt, and dust. We specialize in powerwashing, interlocking restoration, stain removal, repair, landscaping, and protecting the look of your exterior surfaces such as – concrete pavers, slabs, natural stone, and exterior wood furnishings. Interlocking pavers’ restoration, stone and wood sealing, staining decks, interlock pavers’ sealing, power washing, efflorescence, oil, and graffiti removal have never been so easy and affordable!

What is Perma Seal All About?

Landscaping – Choose Perma Seal GTA to improve your landscaping no matter if your project is in a residential, commercial, or industrial area. We can help you with natural stone or armor stone landscaping.

Power Washing – Through power washing or pressure washing, our products can remove and clean even the most stubborn dirt, oil, grease, paint, tar, efflorescence, rubber marks, and rust from your concrete pavers, slabs, natural stone or outdoor wood furnishings and surfaces. Our products can also remove the old treatment or sealants applied before that causes discoloration, and replace it with a microporous sealant that does not turn yellow, flake, or crack.

Interlocking Restoration and Joint Treatment – Your pavers, slabs, and stones can now be repaired and sealed, thanks to our innovative products and services. For joint treatment that is weed, ants, and dirt resistant, you can count on Perma Seal GTA to give your interlocking pavers a great joint treatment.

Interlocking Pavers Stone Repairs – With our revolutionary products and services, we can repair your interlocking pavers depending on what’s needed in its current condition. Whether to remove, replace, apply joint, apply sufficient bedding, re-install, or re-grade the area, we can do it for you.

Efflorescence Removal – All types of surfaces that are exposed to the sun, weathering, salt, and dirt are prone to efflorescence or that whitish salt deposit. Perma Seal’s products can clean up your paving stones, removing efflorescence without discoloring the stones.

Patio Stone Sealing – With innovative products, we can protect your pavers other outdoor surfaces so that they’re sealed to resist oil, dirt, UV rays, and weathering.

Who Can Benefit from Perma Seal’s Products and Services?

Everyone who has an outdoor surface to be taken care of can benefit from Perma Seal’s products and services. Residential properties, industrial properties, commercial buildings, public parks, parking lots, residential housing complexes, condominiums, shopping plazas, hotel and resorts, places with swimming pools, offices, restaurants, and many other types of structures or business establishments in Toronto.

Choose Perma Seal for our state-of-the art products and services. Our products are highly recommended by specialists and professionals in building pavers and other exterior purposes. Our products are mostly water-based which means they do not emit toxic fumes. Choose Perma Seal for quality, earth-friendly solutions to your exterior surfaces’ problems. Check out our products and services here in our website or by calling us for more details.

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