Perma Seal GTA Landscaping provides the best landscaping services to customers in Toronto at a very competitive price. Our services and products will assure you to have the very best workmanship that will stand the test of time. You can achieve beautiful landscaping through our technologically advanced products and services.

Interlock Paving and Pavers Protection or Restoration – Perhaps one of the most beautiful and beneficial flooring for outdoor walkways, driveways, or other surfaces that are normally designed with brick or concrete. Interlock paving offers beauty and ease of replacement if any of the stones or concrete pavers cracks. And since we use state-of-the-art products for sealing, protecting, and restoring lackluster interlocking pavers, fantastic results can be achieved each and every time.

Power Washing and Polymeric Sanding – We can get rid of any stains from your pavers or wood surfaces with our enhanced power washing products that can virtually get rid of any trace of dirt, oil, fibers, paint, rust, efflorescence, and even the film of your old sealant that has caused discoloration to your surfaces. Polymeric sanding treatment is done to join the interlock pavers and keep them intact. Our polymeric sanding product is the best for its purpose because it follows the movement of the ground, preventing cracking or deformity. Our polymeric sand does not harness weed or ants, and since it stays intact, it does not become messy when exposed to water.

Wood Staining – Virtually any type of wooden surface can be stained with our maintenance-free wood protector. Apply only once every five years; your wood will be protected from weathering, UV rays, salt, dirt, mold, and mildew. Our transparent protector is available in different colors that will surely brighten the current look of your wood furniture, deck, fence, or balcony.

Natural Stone and Armor Stone Landscaping – Natural stone landscaping and armor stone landscaping fantastic art forms because they can enhance the look and serenity in any place. A simple design of these two can transcend a person, and tune the senses back into tranquillity. Armor stone landscaping are huge stones formed into an artwork or decorative piece that can serve as a focal point or accent in any outdoor landscaping. Simple form of art such as natural stone landscaping and armor stone landscaping can relax a stressed mind and improve mood because of the subtle therapeutic effect it has to the emotions of the beholder. Natural stone and armor stone landscaping are easy to maintain and these natural stones age gracefully as long as seasonal cleaning is done.

Why Perma Seal GTA?

Your pavers, slabs, stones, wood, and other outdoor surfaces can look dramatically better with protectors and cleaners that are available at Perma Seal GTA. We are happy to serve customers in Toronto, and we can guarantee you satisfaction for any landscaping, surface installation or surface improvement project that you have in mind. Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you in beautifying your pavers, wood works, stones, and general landscaping.